Friday, August 04, 2006

Welcome to the new blog!

When this site was started in 2003, I intended to use it as a site where my wife and I would try to document our journey through Disney through a structured layout. We had a page for each theme park, the resorts, Downtown Disney, etc. We discovered that this was tough to do in this format, and as a result, the site seemed very unfinished.

So we recently looked at the site from a different perspective to see how we could improve it and repurpose it to how we really want to use it. What were we really doing with the site? We were posting our Disney pictures on it to share with family and friends back home in New Orleans.

We have done away with the structured layout of the site, simplified it and added this Blog. We will use the Blog to write trip reports and musings about everything Disney. We have also directly linked to the Photo Gallery so you can see all the pictures anytime you want to, in whatever order you want to.

As for documenting information and data about all things Disney, please see our WikiDisney site. This is the site that we will use to put facts and figures regarding Disney.

Thanks for being patient; we hope you enjoy the new!


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