Saturday, August 05, 2006

Trip to Magic Kingdom - 8/4/06

I took the day off today so we headed out to the Magic Kingdom for a little fun. We got a late start to the day so we arrived at the MK around 1 p.m. Big mistake. It was scorching hot. I know, I know..."It's August in Central Florida; what did you expect?" Well, I wasn't expecting this kind of heat.

We ate at Columbia Harbour House shortly after we arrived, then we walked through Fantasyland towards Tomorrowland. We stopped at the Rose Garden walkway and I took a few pictures. Megan found some ducks near the old Swan Boat landing that were nearby and she stood and watched them for a while (it was nice to be in the shade). After that, we walked through Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square and stopped in Frontierland to cool off a bit. And, yes, we found more ducks which Megan loved.

After cooling off, we cut through to Adventureland near the Tiki Room. We wanted to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, but it was a 40 minute wait. We were so hot and tired and we were going to have to hold Megan for the whole 40 minutes, we decided against it. We'll catch it another time when it isn't so crowded.

After that, we headed towards the exit and walked through the shops on Main Street in order to keep cool.

We were hot and tired after the visit, but it still beats a day at work ;-)

Yes, I took some pictures, but no, none of them came out good, so I'm not posting any. However, check out the pictures on the home page of and We took those on this trip. And yes, those are fireworks in the picture on It was taken as Cinderellabration was ending. Pretty nice, huh?


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